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Hello to my Boise and Meridian Customers!  Thanks for reading my blogs.  Today I will be discussing Gas Oven Bake Ignitors.  The most common type of ignitors are the “glow” type..

Oven ignitor repair glow type

Glow ignitors are a glass type of element that glows white hot when electrical current is applied to it.  They are about 3 inches in length and the element is enclosed in a metal cage-type enclosure.  These oven ignitors are either the square or round shaped.

Oven ignitors ignite the gas during the oven cook cycle.  They are very dependable and last for thousands of ignition cycles.  They do have a finite lifetime however.  Just like a light bulb, they eventually will need to be replaced.  When they do go bad they should be replaced as soon as possible. Some symptoms you may see are a gas smell or poor ignition during the bake cycle.

The ignitor is usually mounted to the gas burner tube with two Allen-head screws.  You will find it located under the bottom panel of the oven cavity.  The bottom panel may be secured with two screws located towards the back rear of oven cavity.

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