Refrigerator Not Cooling – Whirlpool

Whirlpool refrigerator thermostat replacement part

The first thing we want to check, when your Whirlpool refrigerator is not cooling,  is whether or not the fans are running.  The evaporator fan and the condenser fan motors are wired up in parallel with the refrigerator compressor.  If the fans are running then the compressor should be getting power as well.  In this particular case, the fan motors were not turning so we’ll look at the thermostat as one of the possible problems.

Open the front refrigerator door and remove the control panel with a small screwdriver.  Start at the lower corner and gently remove it.  You will then see 4 hex screws.  Two are facing outwards and two are behind the control panel, screwed into the ceiling.

How to remove control panel cover of refrigeratorLocate the “cold-control” or thermostat and look just beneath it.  Many times you will see a small area of blackened residue.  This will indicate burning in the refrigerator cold-control contacts.  It will need to be replaced.  Remove the upper side cover.  Unwind the bulb and tube from around the damper assembly.  Carefully remove the thermostat housing.

Remove the plastic sheathing from the outside of cold-control tubing.  This may take some time so be patient.  Install the plastic sheathing on to the new refrigerator thermostat and install the housing in reverse order.

Tube Cover

Damper assembly

Picture of refrigerator thermostat

black residue under refrigerator thermostat


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