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LG Washer Drain Hose

Leaks in washers can come from a wide assortment of places in a washer. Some leaks are commonly found in the front rubber door seal, the drain pump, the dispenser hoses, the dispenser, or a tub baffle. In this case, the leak was coming from the drain hose. This can be hard to find depending on the circumstances. You can run the wash cycle and inspect for leaks while the washer is in the agitate mode but you will not see the leak until the drain cycle. This is when the drain hose water is at it’s highest pressure. Most of the time I will find a pinhole leak. If our Meridian customer is using a heavy amount of bleach in each wash like in a dentist office, the hose can literally crumble or fall apart. In any event, our repair service can get your washer repaired and back to proper operation. Call us anytime in Meridian, 208-599-1086, Western Appliance Repair

When water leaks occur on your dishwasher or appliance it can be bad news. Believe me, I’ve seen plenty of floor damage. In the case above you can see evidence of a water leak on the floor. It is still pretty wet. The floorboards were getting real warped. Depending on what type of wood flooring you have the damage can be severe or minor. In this case, the leak was caught early by a wary Meridian homeowner
This water leak was coming from the brass ninety degree angle fitting as shown in the picture. Actually, the one shown in the picture is a new one I had just installed. The old one was the actual culprit. These angle fittings have a rubber gasket in them just like what you’d see in a garden hose. This gasket can go bad and as in this case, cause damage to flooring if it’s not caught in time.
If you have a dishwasher leaking water, remove the lower toe-kick panel and inspect carefully with a flashlight. Most leaks are very evident.

Hello, my name is Rich from Western Appliance Repair in Meridian Idaho.  I’ve been a business owner/operator for 8 long years now.  Wow, these years sure go by fast!

If you have read any previous blog posts you know by now that I like to share some of my favorite appliance repair service calls so our local residents here in Idaho, so here we go. I was called out for a leaking dishwasher.  The dishwasher would leak water out it’s front door on the right corner while the wash motor was running.  It was a constant drip so it was real evident that there was indeed a problem.  This dishwasher I might mention is only two years old – not really old enough for the door gasket and/or seals to go bad.  I did check these for proper operation however.  The gasket and seals were fine and doing there job very well.  But still leaks!!!

I decided to focus my attention to the tub water level.  When I opened the door I see the problem.  SUDS!!!  Dishwashers are not suppose to have suds, well, actually, not much anyway.   Here, as shown in the picture, you can see the problem.  When I asked my Meridian customer how suds could have gotten inside the dishwasher tub, she told me her husband liked to add a drop or so of dishwasher soap to each load.  Not good.  How do suds cause leaks?

On the lower part of the front door, inside and not visible, is a gutter which catches splashed water.  When there is an excessive amount of suds in the water, suds fill up this gutter.  These suds overflow the gutter and water will leak to floor.  I recommend using Cascade or Finish pods for all your dishwasher loads.

Hope this helps,




Excessive lint in the lint trap.

I’ve been guilty of this myself and as I’m writing this I have a lint trap in my dryer that hasn’t been cleaned out in the last two load cycles.  Yes, I know, you would think that an appliance repairman would know better but I make the same mistakes as many of the Boise customers I see day to day.  I will clean it out when I finish writing this article.  Haha.

Here is why it is so important.  When the lint screen is filled with lint it can stop the air circulation in the dryer dramatically.  If it’s bad enough it can stop the air flow one hundred percent, which I’ve seen.   I did a job for a customer a long time ago in Boise, who had a problem with squeaky noises.  I completed the job and was called back two weeks later by a customer asking me what I had done to their dryer and that it was burning up.  Confused as I was, since I knew I didn’t touch the heater element or wiring, I went out and found the lint screen clogged with a layer of lint about an inch this  Wow!!  This was the problem.  There was no air flow and the dryer was burning up.  Cleaning the lint screen fixed the problem.


Maytag dishwashers are generally very dependable and are heavily relied upon by thousands of our customers in Meridian. Because of this we feel it is important to share some repair avoidance tips to our dishwasher users. The picture below shows a top-view shot of the upper spray arm of a Maytag dishwasher. If you look carefully you will see a small blue clip attached to the splines. This little piece can wreak havoc on the chopper blade of the dishwasher motor if it becomes loose and falls into the circulating water. Periodically it is wise to visually scan the inside is the tub for broken pieces of debris or plastic before starting a cycle.

Hi, this is Rich from Western Appliance. The picture below shows one of the dishwashers we serviced in Meridian. The customer complaint was that it wasn’t cleaning good and would not drain the dirty water. We pulled off the bottom panel to inspect the pump and solenoid. We found water leakage and extensive rust around wash motor. This repair would require a new dishwasher motor and sump which would make this impractical to repair, considering the age – 17 years old.   The dishwasher would also require extensive cleaning. When considering the repair cost and age if dishwasher it would be best to replace this.

This is a GE refrigerator defrost heater turning on.  I’ll go over the defrost operation for you.  The evaporator develops a thin coating of frost during normal operation.  This is caused by condensation, which deposits itself, and then freezes, on the evaporator.  If this is not burned off it will get thicker and thicker until it inhibits airflow across the evaporator coils.  If this happens the fresh-food section will get warm.


It’s 19 degrees outside this morning. I guess this is just a taste of things to come, since we still have January and February to go. We’ll get through this and those appliances will still get fixed. :-).  We stay on the road, throughout the Meridian area, during rain or snow.


On another note, would like to give a shout-out to these folks at the Meridian SWAC committee.  They do a tremendous job trying to keep up with all of our trash and solid waste in our city.  It’s something that many people don’t think about during our busy days.  Here is their website – Meridian SWAC