LG Washer Hose Damage

LG Washer Drain Hose

Leaks in washers can come from a wide assortment of places in a washer. Some leaks are commonly found in the front rubber door seal, the drain pump, the dispenser hoses, the dispenser, or a tub baffle. In this case, the leak was coming from the drain hose. This can be hard to find depending on the circumstances. You can run the wash cycle and inspect for leaks while the washer is in the agitate mode but you will not see the leak until the drain cycle. This is when the drain hose water is at it’s highest pressure. Most of the time I will find a pinhole leak. If our Meridian customer is using a heavy amount of bleach in each wash like in a dentist office, the hose can literally crumble or fall apart. In any event, our repair service can get your washer repaired and back to proper operation. Call us anytime in Meridian, 208-599-1086, Western Appliance Repair

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