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Dishwasher – Source of water leaks

When water leaks occur on your dishwasher or appliance it can be bad news. Believe me, I’ve seen plenty of floor damage. In the case above you can see evidence of a water leak on the floor. It is still pretty wet. The floorboards were getting real warped. Depending on what type of wood flooring you have the damage can be severe or minor. In this case, the leak was caught early by a wary Meridian homeowner
This water leak was coming from the brass ninety degree angle fitting as shown in the picture. Actually, the one shown in the picture is a new one I had just installed. The old one was the actual culprit. These angle fittings have a rubber gasket in them just like what you’d see in a garden hose. This gasket can go bad and as in this case, cause damage to flooring if it’s not caught in time.
If you have a dishwasher leaking water, remove the lower toe-kick panel and inspect carefully with a flashlight. Most leaks are very evident.