Dishwasher Repair – Suds Causing Leaks

Dishwasher with lots of suds in the sump

Hello, my name is Rich from Western Appliance Repair in Meridian Idaho.  I’ve been a business owner/operator for 8 long years now.  Wow, these years sure go by fast!

If you have read any previous blog posts you know by now that I like to share some of my favorite appliance repair service calls so our local residents here in Idaho, so here we go. I was called out for a leaking dishwasher.  The dishwasher would leak water out it’s front door on the right corner while the wash motor was running.  It was a constant drip so it was real evident that there was indeed a problem.  This dishwasher I might mention is only two years old – not really old enough for the door gasket and/or seals to go bad.  I did check these for proper operation however.  The gasket and seals were fine and doing there job very well.  But still leaks!!!

I decided to focus my attention to the tub water level.  When I opened the door I see the problem.  SUDS!!!  Dishwashers are not suppose to have suds, well, actually, not much anyway.   Here, as shown in the picture, you can see the problem.  When I asked my Meridian customer how suds could have gotten inside the dishwasher tub, she told me her husband liked to add a drop or so of dishwasher soap to each load.  Not good.  How do suds cause leaks?

On the lower part of the front door, inside and not visible, is a gutter which catches splashed water.  When there is an excessive amount of suds in the water, suds fill up this gutter.  These suds overflow the gutter and water will leak to floor.  I recommend using Cascade or Finish pods for all your dishwasher loads.

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